Get your tax declaration done in a secure way. Encrypted email, all video conference applications available or at the comfort of your home with the visit of one of our registered preparers.

• Individual and corporate taxes.
• Electronic submission.
• Request for ITIN number.
• Quick refunds.
• Amendments.
• Declaration of years overdue.
•Avoid penalties.
• Payment plans and letters solutions.

Documents to declare

Personal Tax.

• All individual on your tax declaration
• Tax payer’s driver’s license or other current photo identification document.
• Receipts of donations.
• Forms 1095A (if Obama Care was the form of insurance during tax year) for tax payer and all individuals on your tax declaration, 1095B or 1095C.
• Form 1098 – T if the tax payer or any individual on the tax declaration was a student on a certified educational institution for the year declaring.
• Forms 1098 if Tax payer owns any real estate property.
• Donations receipts.
• Income forms, W-2, 1099-MISC, K1, 1099-DIV, 1099 – INT (Any or all that apply)
• Previous years declarations (if any)
• Any other document the tax payer may consider can be added to the tax declaration (Subject to review).

Corporate Taxes

• Bank statements for every account the corporation owns.
• SS4 Form.
• Profit & Loss for year to be reportes.
• Corporate Credit Card Statements.
•Previous years tax copies.